Donate To Our “Foster a Horse” Program

Become a Foster Friend to one of our specially trained horses in Helen Woodward Animal Center's Therapeutic Riding program. As a Foster Friend, your donation will help support the cost of feeding, housing, and medical care for our therapy horses.

The success of this program is dependent on your financial support. Become a Foster Friend to one of many horses used in the Therapeutic Riding program. Your tax-deductible donation to the Foster-A-Horse program helps to pay the cost of feeding and housing the horses. Thanks to you and your support we will be able to continue serving the children and adults who visit the Center each week for therapeutic riding sessions.

Here are some of the expenses associated with caring for our horses:

  • Hay: $15-$20 per bale (14 flakes per bale)
  • Special Grains: $20 per 40 lb bag
  • Bedding: $8 per 9 cu. ft. bag
  • Joint Supplements: $50 per 10 lb container (about a one year supply per horse)
  • Horse Shoeing: averages $100 per 6 week cycle
  • Yearly Vaccines: $100 per horse
  • De-Wormer: $25-40 per horse per year
  • Fly Repellent: $15 per bottle (we usually go through at least a bottle a week during the summer!)

The average horse will go through:

  • 10-15 pounds of special grains each week
  • 14-21 flakes of hay each week
  • 5-7 bags of shavings each week

That adds up to about $300 a month just for those basic needs! 

Be a Foster-A-Horse Friend

This important therapeutic service could not exist without the horses. Funds are needed now to provide feed, bedding, farrier and veterinary services. Donations of any amount are appreciated.  If you donate a minimum of $300 you will:

  • Be recognized in our Companion newsletter.
  • Receive a photograph and biography of a horse chosen by our staff.
  • Have your name displayed on that horse’s stall card (a sign that has a picture and description of the horse that is placed on the front of their stall).
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