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About Home 4 The Holidays

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What is Blue Buffalo Home 4 The Holidays?

Home 4 the Holidays is a three-month adoption drive that saves the lives of orphan pets and raises awareness about the importance of pet adoption during the holiday season. More families bring a new pet home during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. We want to be sure to educate the public about the importance of choosing pet adoption, as opposed to supporting puppy mills and backyard breeders. Through our collective group of over 4,000 pet adoption agencies, facilities and rescue-groups, this campaign has become the largest pet adoption campaign on record, saving over 10 million pets since its inception in 1999.

What benefits will my organization/rescue receive when I join Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays?
There are many benefits to joining Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays:

  • An intensive guide with free adoptions marketing resources and media plans for the holiday season.
  • International media coverage for the Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays program, including print articles, social media, e-newsletters and press releases.
  • For U.S. and Canada participants in 2015, Blue Buffalo will supply pet adoption packs including coupons, samples and information for your adopters. Stay tuned for more details on these packages coming soon for the 2015 campaign! (up to 500,000 kits)
  • Two food prizes (1,250 lbs. Blue Buffalo pet food) awarded to two organizations with exceptional participation throughout the Home 4 the Holidays campaign.
  • Local advertising for participating organizations in areas where Blue Buffalo has in-store presence.
  • A chance to win $1,000 in the ‘Most Heartwarming Story’ Contest.
  • 100% of any donations that specifies your organization. (We have distributed over $11,000 to participating organizations since 1999). These donations are elicited simply by having your organization listed on the Home 4 the Holidays site.

How many orphan pets has Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays saved?
More than 10 million pets have been placed in forever homes since Helen Woodward Animal Center, along with thousands of animal organizations across the globe, partnered to do something about shelter overpopulation when the program first started in 1999. Yet, even with the program’s incredible growth, we aim for higher numbers and more involvement. We look forward to this 2015-2016 season of working together toward the loving placement of homeless pets and we will not stop until every orphan animal is finally “Home 4 the Holidays!”

What is the mission of Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays?
Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays helps find orphan pets loving, adoptive homes; educates the public about adopting from an animal organization; and, provides animal organizations of all sizes, all around the world, with important marketing information and support, as well as tools for implementing media events and activities.

When the public wants to bring a pet into their home, we want them to think of pet adoption organizations before puppy mills or backyard breeders.

How did Home 4 the Holidays start?
Home 4 the Holidays began in 1999 when Helen Woodward Animal Center organized 14 San Diego area shelters, finding homes for 2,563 orphan pets. Each pet "went home" with a holiday meal of pet food.

How did Home 4 the Holidays grow so large?
In 2000, Home 4 the Holidays grew to include 130 groups in five states. That second holiday season, we matched 19,998 orphan pets with their new families.

In 2001 spokesperson Diane Keaton lead 450 shelters across the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico, in finding homes for more than 100,000 pets.

Flash forward another thirteen successful years and with last year’s adoptions, we can now credit over 4,000 shelter and rescue facilities in over 23 countries with a total number of 10 million orphan pets placed in loving homes since the program’s inception... saving lives while taking business away from puppy mills and backyard breeders.

With its simple beginnings, Home 4 the Holidays, in coordination with all its partner organizations, is now the largest and most successful pet adoption drive in history!

Why is Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays so successful?
Statistics don’t lie. More families bring pets into their homes during the holidays than at any other time of year. What better gift can any of us give during the holiday season than to save the life of an orphan?

In the past some shelters have actually gone so far as to discourage families from adopting pets during the holidays - uncomfortable with the idea of a pet as a “gift.” This did not stop families from getting new pets. It just took away the adoption option and forced them to support the pet store and puppy mill industry. Participating Home 4 the Holidays rescue workers know that educating families about the value of orphan pets, and working with these families to match the perfect family with the ideal pet, means a better success for everyone involved. Everyone wins.

What is the ‘Most Heartwarming Story’ Contest?
Every week during the Home 4 the Holidays campaign, participating animal organizations are encouraged to enter heartwarming adoption success stories. Submissions can be made weekly by snail mail, email or by tweeting #BBH4TH, and at the end of each week Helen Woodward Animal Center selects a winning story to be featured on Helen Woodward Animal Center’s and Blue Buffalo’s social media platforms! After the campaign ends, the best submissions of the year are compiled and voted on by you, your fans and the public. The story with the most votes will win a $1,000 prize for their organization and will be announced on Helen Woodward Animal Center’s blog. Find more details here!

How can I find out more about Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays?
You can call Helen Woodward Animal Center at 858-756-4117, ext. 302, to speak to someone about Home 4 the Holidays or send an email to

Better yet, sign up right now to be part of the largest and most successful pet adoption drive in history! To sign up, click here.