Remember Me Thursday

Join the Pet Awareness Campaign That Promotes Pet Adoption

Remember Me Thursday™ is a worldwide coalition of pet adoption organizations, celebrities and people like you, who raise awareness about the plight of millions of orphan pets around the world waiting for forever homes.

By lighting a candle on Remember Me Thursday, September 25, 2014, you are remembering those pets who have lost their lives but you are also shining a light on orphan pets in need of homes right now.

Light Up the World For Orphan Pets

Learn how you can light up the world for orphan pets as an organization or as an everyday animal lover. They need YOUR voice - let’s extinguish pet euthanasia together!

A special thank you to those who promoted Remember Me Thursday last year, and also to those who participated as organizations and individuals from places as diverse as Puerto Rico, the U.K., Germany, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Spain, the Philippines, Japan and Thailand! We appreciate you!

Light a Candle For Your Own Beloved Pet

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