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 Left Behind

MishaMisha is a beautiful, sweet Tortie-point Siamese mix.  In May 2009, the trailer park in Etna, NY that Misha’s then-owners lived in was condemned due to a faulty septic system and all residents permanently evacuated.  She and two of her kittens, one roughly two months old, and one older kitten from a previous litter, were abandoned, left in the remnants of these condemned trailers to fend for themselves.  Sadly, this young mother and her kittens just stayed there, believing that their family would come back for them.  Day after day, month after month, they waited, but no one ever came back to claim them.

Misha      Luckily for Misha, a kind older gentleman who used to live in the park knew that she and her babies had been left behind, and so he would go back to the condemned land to feed them whenever he could.  On each visit, they always came running, gobbled up the food, purred, and rubbed up against him – you see, Misha and her babies were very hungry, and having had a home and a family (however thoughtless or unkind), they were also starving for attention and love.  While this gentleman felt bad for poor Misha, he already had five cats of his own and didn’t have the space in his new trailer or the economic means to support any more, so this kind-hearted soul did the best he could by them.  With the bitterly cold central New York winter approaching and the condemned trailers being torn down, the outlook was bleak for Misha’s little family.

Misha      In early October 2009, I found out about the situation, tracked down the older gentleman who had been feeding the cats, and went to see if I could help them.  Among all that squalor and dilapidation, there was this beautiful little rose – that’s when I named her Misha, which I didn’t know then means “gift from God.”  I can still see her running from trailer to trailer as I called to her, frightened and bewildered; it was one of the saddest things I’d ever seen.  She was so thin, nearly emaciated, that I thought she may have had Salmonella or Giardia (an intestinal parasite) from drinking the contaminated water in the trailer park.

      After receiving veterinary care and being brought to one of our wonderful foster homes for plenty of TLC, Misha was adopted on November 29, 2009.  Her adopters report that they love her to pieces and could not be happier with their new addition.  What’s more, Misha’s older kitten has since been adopted into a new family, and the younger kitten is now safe and sound, ready to be adopted, in a loving foster home.  As rescuers, we know that scenes like this one play out every day, all over, and that time and again, innocent, loving companion animals are neglected, abused, or abandoned, with no one ever caring enough to help them.  This holiday season, we at Lucky Day Cat Rescue are happy to say that Misha was one of the lucky ones.  Or blessed ones