Home 4 The Holidays Be a Part of the Biggest Pet Adoption Drive in the World!

In 1999 Helen Woodward Animal Center organized 14 animal shelters in San Diego County, California for the first, "Home 4 the Holidays" pet adoption drive. Our goals were to encourage families to save lives by adopting their pets from animal shelters and rescue groups and to take business away from puppy mills and backyard breeders while shelter pets died. That holiday season the participating shelters found loving families for 2,563 orphaned pets.

That was only the beginning!

In 2000, Home 4 the Holidays grew to include 130 groups in five states. That second holiday season we matched 19,998 orphaned pets with their new families.

Word of our success spread quickly and the third annual Home 4 the Holidays campaign grew to include 450 groups in four countries. We were reminded that animals have no borders. Working together we completed more than 100,000 adoptions, making H4TH the largest and most successful pet adoption drive in history. Since then it's been full speed ahead!

In its fifteen years, Home 4 the Holidays has united over 9 million orphaned pets with their new families over the holiday season.  This year we hope to match even more loving, life-long families with even more orphaned pets from all over the world.

By providing thousands of participating rescues and shelters with materials to assist them in marketing their adoptable animals and receiving the most benefit from their participation in Home 4 the Holidays, we are all working together to save lives. New organizations can join at any time throughout the year and all of the participating groups are listed on-line for adoption information.  Go to Home 4 The Holidays.