Girl Scout Trips and Girl Scout Activities with Animals

Our Animal Tours Meet Girl Scout Animal Badge Requirements!
Girl Scouts can meet and interact with a variety of animal species while meeting Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scout Journey and badge requirements! Your Girl Scout troop’s private and customized program at Helen Woodward Animal Center will include learning about a variety of animals through hands-on encounters from the options below.

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a proud partner with Girl Scouts San Diego!

Badge Earning Activities for Brownies and Juniors in San Diego
Earn a Pets Badge or Animal Habitats Badge!

Interested in earning a specific badge? Our Pets Badge and Animal Habitats Badge programs are offered year round! The 90-minute tours meet ALL badge requirements and girl scouts will go home with the appropriate badge for their vest or sash. Schedule the date and time that works for your entire troop!

Pets Badge:  Whether they’re cute and cuddly or slimy and scaly, pets are so much fun! Find out what care different pets need including how to keep them comfy, well fed, healthy, safe, and most importantly, LOVED! This 90-minute program includes four different HANDS-ON animal interactions and activities that help bring pet care to life & fill all Pets Badge requirements!  
Cost: $15/child- fee includes Pets Badge (minimum $75)
*Parent chaperones are admitted free for the purpose of supervising children. The chaperone to child ratio is 1:5. Extra chaperones are $5 each.
Habitats Badge: Explore the places that animals call home- their habitats! Discover where different animals live, how they play, and how we can help them. This 90-minute program includes meeting four HANDS-ON animal interactions and activities that facilitate habitat exploration!
Cost: $15/child- fee includes Habitats Badge (minimum $75)
*Parent chaperones are admitted free for the purpose of supervising children. The chaperone to child ratio is 1:5. Extra chaperones are $5 each.

Private badge earning tours can be scheduled for your troop by calling (858) 756-4117 x 318 or

Girl Scout Tours & Girl Scout Activities In San Diego

Other Activities to Earn Patches for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes!

Custom Girl Scout Trip

Details: Choose 4 options from the Animal Options list and 1 activity from the Center Activities list below OR Choose 2 options from the Animal Optionslist and 2 activities from the Center Activitieslist below
Length of Program: 1 ½ hours
Program Cost: $12 per child (minimum $75)
*Parent chaperones are admitted free for the purpose of supervising children. The chaperone to child ratio is 1:5. Extra chaperones are $5 each.
Helen Woodward Animal Center Patch (optional): $3 per patch

Animal-centered Girl Scout trips are available year-around!
Contact us today to schedule your next Girl Scout trip!
Email or call (858) 756-4117, ext. 318

Animal Options

Center Activities

  1. Meet an Education Dog and learn about canine body language and the importance of safety.
  2. Meet an Alpaca and learn the interesting ways that they communicate with each other.
  3. Meet a Snake and learn about their unique adaptations and snake safety.
  4. Meet a Sheep and learn about their peculiar digestive system and farm animal care.
  5. Meet a Bird (dove, parrot, or chicken) and learn about animal classifications and life cycles.
  6. Meet a Miniature Horse and learn about the “jobs” they performed decades ago, and new ones they continue to help with today.
  7. Meet a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach or a Walking Stick and learn about misconceptions of these creepy crawlies.
  8. Meet an exotic Lizard and learn about their classification and interesting defense and protection methods.
  9. Meet one of our small mammals (Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Chinchilla) and learn about proper pet care and Pet Encounter Therapy.
  10. Meet a Turtle and Tortoise and learn about the differences in their habitats.
  1. Visit Adoptions and AniMeals to learn how we find the perfect forever home for every animal and how the AniMeals program helps keep people and their companions together forever.
  2. Visit our Equine Hospital “behind the scenes” and learn what steps a horse patient goes through during a surgery. (Must be 7 years or older)
  3. Walk through our barn to meet the horses from our Therapeutic Riding program and learn about the benefits it has for riders.
    (Must be 7 years or older)
  4. Participate in a community involvement activity to help the animals at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

*Animal interaction is dependent upon animal health on a day-to-day basis

Are you looking for a seasonal Girl Scout trip? Explore Animals of Spring (available March-May) and Howl-O-Ween Harvest (only available in October)!

Check out the Girl Scouts San Diego calendar for the next Girl Scout event hosted at Helen Woodward Animal Center!