Fall Activities for Kids

San Diego Halloween Activities for Kids – Meet the Crawly Creatures!

Grab your favorite Halloween costume and join us for fun, fall activities that are perfect for scouts, playgroups, schools, and even your family!

This 90-minute, hands-on, Halloween Tour includes an eerie Animal Adventure through the “Forbidden Forrest,” a chance to meet and pet our more “spooky,” but often misunderstood, animal-friends, and a mini pumpkin from our Pumpkin Patch!

Scout Groups Will Enjoy These Fall Activities

Through festive Halloween activities, your children’s group will meet and learn about slithery and creepy friends, plus maybe a fuzzy one that just enjoys getting into the Halloween spirit! Your group will learn…

  • Why do snakes stick out their tongues and always keep their eyes open?
  • What does a spider’s exoskeleton look like?
  • How do Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches hiss?


This Halloween Tour is perfect for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout Troops, Cub and Boy Scout Troops, Preschools, Elementary School Groups, and Playgroups!

Hurry! Reservations are only available for the month of October!
$12 per child (minimum $50)
Ask about Scout Patches sold separately for $3 each!

Contact us today to schedule your private Autumn Harvest Tour!
education@animalcenter.org or (858) 756-4117 ext 318