Donate a vehicle

Donate Your Car

If you are thinking about selling or getting rid of a vehicle, but hate to think about all the hassle and paperwork involved, a car donation to Helen Woodward Animal Center may be the best choice for you!

At Helen Woodward Animal Center we work directly with a local, reputable auctioneer to sell your vehicle, there is no middleman charging exorbitant fees, so you can be sure as much of your donation as possible will go toward helping people and pets in need. 

Making a car donation is easy, just give us a call and we will handle everything from pickup to
paperwork. Once your vehicle is sold, the proceeds will be donated to Helen Woodward Animal Center in your name and we will send you a receipt for your taxes. When you decide to donate a car, you are making a difference too. All the funds from your car donation go toward our life-saving adoption services for cats and dogs, and educational and therapeutic programs for the community.

You can make all kinds of car donations: cars, trucks, motorcycles and more!

Call Kelly at 858-756-4117 x350 or e-mail for more information or to donate your vehicle today!