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Reiki for All Creatures


Introducing new Wellness Massage Services for your pet!

Reiki Massage treatments and Acupressure sessions are now available at Club Pet?  Yes, it’s true!  Club Pet has joined up with Reiki for All Creatures, a leading provider of non-invasive methods to bring balance and harmony to your pet and to enhance their physical and mental well being.  Your pet can benefit from these sessions while at Club Pet for Boarding, Daycare, Grooming or Training.

What is Reiki for All Creatures?

RFAC is owned and operated by nationally certified Reiki Master Nedra Abramson.  Nedra is certified as an animal acupressure practitioner by both the National Board Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage and theTallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. 

Nedra has a proven track record of helping animals through Reiki and Acupressure.  For testimonials and case studies, go to .

What are these methods used for?

Both Reiki and Acupressure are ideal for pets because they are gentle and non-invasive.  They don’t cause discomfort or stress, but can yield powerful results.  For healthy pets, these methods help maintain heath, enhance relaxation and provide a sense of peace and contentment.  For pets that are ill, these are supportive methods that are a safe complement to western medicine, homeopathy and all other forms of healing.

Are there different types of sessions?

RFAC offers the following types of sessions, all of which are 45 minutes to an hour in duration:

Calming Session – Ideal for new boarders and nervous pooches!   Reiki and specific Acupressure points will be utilized to alleviate fear and create a sense of calm and happiness.

Anti-Anxiety Session – Ideal for the pet that displays separation anxiety, compulsive or destructive behaviors, or has recently been rescued.  Reiki and specific Acupressure points will be utilized for help release serotonin, alleviate fear based emotions, create an overall state of calm and boost confidence.

Sports/Athletic Massage – A great way to support your pet’s muscles, tendons and joints so he can keep on playing day after day!  Specific Acupressure points will be used to enhance blood flow and nourish muscles and tendons, remove the build up of lactic acids and toxins and promote calming and focus.

Injury Recovery Session – If your pet has recently undergone surgery or is currently recovering from an injury, this is a great way to help them boost their healing ability and make them more comfortable.  Specific Acupressure points will be used to increase blood flow, relieve pain, strengthen muscles and tendons and assist the body in its recovery process.

Senior Session – This option is geared just for the slightly older pets, those that may be moving a little slower, or not hearing as well as they once did.  Specific Acupressure points will be used to increase chi and blood circulation and to improve your pets overall vitality and quality of life.

RFAC is also willing to discuss a customized treatment tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

How do I learn more?

Your may contact RFAC at (310) 991-9835 to schedule an session while your pet visits Club Pet for Boarding, Daycare, Grooming or Training.  Our special discounted rates are only available while your pet is at Club Pet.

You can learn more by visiting or by emailing your questions to .

Helen Woodward Animal Center is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage related to use of Wellness Services provided by Club Pet.  Reiki For all Creatures is an independently owned and operated service.