M-F 7:15am to 6pm
(last drop off/pick up at 5:30 pm) 
Saturday 7:15am to 3pm
(last drop off/pick up at 2:30 pm) 
Sunday 10:15am to 5pm
(last drop off/pick up at 4:30 pm)

Tours offered daily 12-3pm.
For more information about Club Pet call 858-756-4117 option #2

club pet Basic Services 

Included in our basic boarding fees are:

Health and Wellness Checks

  • Compassionate care by Club Pet’s professional animal care staff.
  • A daily evaluation to assess physical and emotional well being, to ensure that your pet remains happy and healthy.
  • Basic, non-medical eye and ear cleaning (Animals that require mandatory or regular cleaning will be charged a medical administration fee for the appropriate service).

A Clean, Safe Environment

  • A safe, comfortable, setting in spacious accommodations.
  • Indoor & outdoor exercise facilities.
  • Climate controlled kennel, cattery and exotics room, with zoned Heating and Air Conditioning for optimal comfort.
  • A raised bed and comfortable blankets for dogs, soft beds and blankets for cats.
  • Natural sky lighting.
  • Morning and Evening outdoor bathroom/exercise breaks. **

**An additional daily fee applies to dogs that cannot go into our outdoor dog runs due to behavior or health reasons and must be leash walked.

Nutritious Meals

  • Twice daily feeding with food you provide for your pet.
  • Twice daily treat breaks with our treats, or treats you provide.
  • Fresh water at all times (bottled water upon request for an additional fee).
  • Sanitized bowls provided for food and water.

Additional fees apply for products other than standard dry or canned food that are a required part of your pet’s feeding regimen. Additional daily handling fees (not to exceed $10 per day, per pet) may be charged for meal preparations that are above and beyond our standard care. You will be advised of such fees at the time of check-in.


A complimentary “cleanup” bath for your dog (available on stays or 5 nights or longer) with your choice of shampoo (or provide your own and we’ll use it!).