Help Me! Kitten Caught in a Fence!

Terrified, the tiny kitten clung to the wire fence with all the strength she could muster. At only four-weeks-old she did not have that much to muster to begin with! However, one of her tiny paws was caught between two pieces of fencing wire and she could not get it out. If she fell, she might tear or break her leg.

She was much too young to be out climbing fences alone. Where was her mother? Did she have siblings? What happened to her family?

She cried a piteous cry in desperation and at last, someone heard her. A worried bystander stopped and disentangled her tiny paw. Cradling the fluffy kitten, she looked for her family, but this little kitten was all alone.

The good samaritan could not keep the kitten, so onward they drove to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

When we saw this little ball of fluff, with beautiful dark blue eyes, our hearts melted. She looked at everyone so trustingly despite her dangerous and sad circumstance.

Since she was such a spunky kitten, a little “nugget of joy,” we named her “Nugget.”

Little Nugget spent a few weeks with a loving foster family with two more kittens from another litter. She gained weight and strength. She even enjoyed her medical check-ups and we were so happy to see she was still as silly and spunky as ever!

**Nugget Update!** Nugget, renamed "Toe," found her new forever family on Thursday, July 11! We wish her a life filled with love and security. Congratulations, little girl!

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