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How did it come to this?

As the yelling got louder and louder, the forlorn mother cat squeezed herself further into the only hiding place she could find. Her kittens, cramped in behind her, could sense their mother’s tension and were instinctively quiet. Something was very, very wrong.

The yelling approached, along with the sound of stomping shoes. In response, the mother cat hunched herself in a protective figure, ready to defend her small family from the loud person.

The small family had endured the yelling before. It was a small sacrifice to stay in the only safe hiding spot the mother cat could find in the neighborhood. She had searched long and hard to find somewhere safe to raise her young alone.

The stomping came closer, along with a hissing noise this time. The mother cat prepared to defend when all of a sudden a stream of hard, cruel water hit her and her babies. The angry person had turned on the hose, full blast, to chase out the cats!

The mother cat spluttered and herded her babies out of their hiding spot as fast as they could run. The person went back to turn off the hose that brutally chased the cats out of the only safe place they could find.

It was the only safe place they had known until happily, a Good Samaritan, who witnessed the incident, managed to catch the family and had them transported to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

When they arrived, it was obvious that the mother cat, who we named Wisteria, still needed help caring for her babies. The trauma of the incident we described, plus living on the street, had taken a toll on this brave mother. After medical exams, Wisteria and her babies were placed in a loving foster home where they have been “blossoming” into a healthy, happy family.

Wisteria made choices that would be hard for any mother to make. But thanks to her dedication to her kittens, she kept them safe despite the cruel hand she was dealt. She serves as an inspiration to us all of what real devotion is!

As we celebrate our moms this season, we see that our lives are a mirror for each other. Devotion and love looks and feels the same… for all of us.

A gift will help us give mothers like Wisteria medical care, shelter, food and TLC. Can you help other mothers in need today?

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