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Helen Woodward Animal Center thanks "Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation" for their support of our Spay / Neuter program!

Special thanks to the Tippett Foundation and the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation for supporting our Adoptions program.

One Big Intake

There is not much to see in this part of Los Angeles County. Just two things: lonely dirt lots and starving animals.

The rescue workers tried to get a number-count on the dogs and cats, but there were just too many, and some of them were too afraid to show themselves out in the open. They were thin, dirty and desperate looking. Some dogs gazed at the rescue workers with hopeful looks, while others gave up hope long ago and simply laid in the dust and waited. But what were they waiting for?

These animals were all owned by the same woman. She had no electricity, no running water and no resources to feed and care for the animals she was hoarding. Every animal was near starvation and had never had a veterinarian check-up or a vaccination. Another problem: their population grew and grew as unwanted litters were still being produced by unaltered animals. Without help, this situation could grow exponentially worse, in a small amount of time.

The independent rescue worker called Helen Woodward in desperation. Could we handle such a large hoarding situation? The rescues included puppies, dogs, cats and kittens. 35 animals needed help today. We simply did not have the room to accommodate all those animals at once.

Denise Clark, Foster Coordinator, was not about to give up. She made phone calls to our network of faithful foster families and perhaps the most amazing piece of the story lies in the heartwarming actions of multiple individuals who came forward with open hearts and homes.

The rescue animals who traveled by van in over 15 carriers had a happy ending to their road trip.  By the time they arrived, Denise had already found foster homes for each and every one. “Our fosters are incredible,” stated Clark.  “We couldn’t do the work we do without them.”

Due to age requirements necessary to spay or neuter rescue animals, it will take some time to place this group in their forever homes.  For this reason, the foster families of Helen Woodward Animal Center are a crucial part of providing warm, loving, safe environments for these animals as they begin their lives again. 

We are so thankful that our foster families stepped up to the plate to give all these animals loving, temporary homes until their forever homes can be found. We could not do this without you!

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