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Backyard Breeding Rescue

Devi looking cute

It is sad to learn when pets are treated merely as an ‘investment,’ a means to make someone money – without any care for their well being. Little Devi and her friend, Tofu, came from such an owner from the Inland Empire area.

Devi and a new friendDevi and Tofu were part of a backyard breeder “program” that sold puppies to a local pet store. How did this particular backyard breeder provide puppies to this pet store? They simply threw intact male and female dogs in a backyard and took whatever puppies were produced.

None of the dogs were medically examined. None were vaccinated. All the dogs, including Devi and Tofu, were simply investments to make money for this particular backyard breeder.

Devi and her friend were rescued from this breeder and transferred to Helen Woodward Animal Center via a rescue partner from the Inland Empire. Both were finally given the care and attention they deserved!

Both are delightfully happy dogs, with winning personalities, and love people and dogs alike. In fact, after Tofu found her forever home, Devi found a temporary job while she was here at the Center. Her new job was socializing dogs who needed help with temporary nervousness at their new surroundings. She was a natural! Before too long, she had dogs up and running and playing. She is quite the jester!

Devi and the photographerUpdate: Devi found her family, too! Congratulations, sweet girl!

Devi’s transfer to Helen Woodward Animal Center could not have happened without the support of our donors. Help more dogs like Devi today by making a donation to our transfer program.

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