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Helen Woodward Animal Center thanks "Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation" for their support of our Spay / Neuter program!

Special thanks to the Tippett Foundation and the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation for supporting our Adoptions program.

"Help me please!"

The writing read, “HELP ME PLEASE”

A cat carrier sits precariously in the middle of a busy store parking lot. It’s dirty and a little beat up looking. There is writing on the top of the carrier.  The scribbled words read, “HELP ME PLEASE” and “LOVE ME” in bright turquoise letters.

Inside, desperately clinging to sanity, are a litter of abandoned kittens with large, frightened eyes. They look at you, and surprisingly, manage to squeeze themselves even further into the back of the carrier. Their ears twitch independently of one another as they listen to each car as it roars by.

They watch you with hesitation and skepticism. And why shouldn’t they? It’s obvious their history with humans has not been a positive experience. The people that were supposed to care for them abandoned them to literally fend for themselves.

They shake with fear as you lift the crate off the ground. Each one looks so thin and frightened.

But there is a better life ahead…


We are happy to say that a better life did come for this litter of five kittens: Bear, Theodore, Stars, Moon, Sun and Simon. After a Good Samaritan plucked them out of that busy store parking lot, they were transferred via a rescue partner to the Center to receive food, medical care and extra tender lovin’ care.

The Cadbury’s were still very frightened when they arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center. It was obvious that these kittens would need only patience and love from humans to be able to trust again. Our staff and volunteers took our time with them and, over time, coaxed out their adorable personalities.

They became just like regular kittens: playful, bouncy and extra silly! Each kitten put on weight and passed each medical exam with flying colors.

Then it came time to find safe and loving forever families for these babies. They were soon greeting and showing off for every visitor that came to visit our Kittery. You would never know that mere weeks before, they were starving and neglected.

Each kitten swiftly charmed families left and right and each one found a new forever family. As per the writing on their crate, you bet that each kitten will be truly loved for the rest of its life.

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