Kitten Happy Hour

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May 31

Come On, Get Happy! 

Welcome back, friends! Kitten Season 2016 is gearing up to be our busiest yet. Last year, over the course of these 16 weeks, we found homes for 390 kittens! We can top that this year with your help.  

The kittens are hard at work making adorable photos for you. Just look:

“Ok guys, get together! I’m ready to take the selfie.”


June 1

Senior Cat says, “Kids these days, addicted to technology! In my day, I used to just bat a pen cap under the refrigerator.”

June 2

Tiny kitten thinks he’s a powerful lion. (Sorry to break it you, tough guy, but your name is Bubbles.)

June 3

Pipe cleaner is my most prized possession.

June 6

Better Together

As a cat lover, you already know that it’s ideal to adopt kittens in pairs. That way, they’ll always have a playmate (and be less likely to get into mischief.) Plus, it saves two lives instead of one! This week, we’ll look at other reasons to adopt a clowder of kittens:

You’ll have an extra set of eyes and ears.

June 7

You can mess with your humans by confusing them “Parent Trap”-style.


June 8

You’ll always have someone to eat lunch with. (No more awkwardly pretending to be on your phone)

June 9

You’ll always have backup singers.

June 13

Cat Naps

Between running at top speeds and pouncing on anything that moves, being a kitten is exhausting. It’s no wonder kittens sleep about 20 hours a day! 

This week, you’ll meet some adorable (and sometimes hilarious) conked-out kittens.


I squished.


These fosters kittens were so full after dinner, they all passed out before making it to their bed!


Onyx is having sweet tuna dreams.


What I think I look like when I’m sleeping.

What I actually look like.


Foster Fun!

If you’re reading this page, it’s clear that you love kittens. Why not take it to the next level? Our Foster Program ( is currently in desperate need of people to foster kittens for several weeks before they’re ready to go to forever homes. It’s easy to get started, and we’ll provide you with everything you need! (And, we mean, it’s KITTENS. In your house.) This week, we’ll count the reasons why fostering is fantastic.

Reason #1 to Foster

You’ll always have an audience.


Reason #2 to Foster

You’ll always have friends to hang out with.


Reason #3 to Foster

Your current pets may learn a lesson in humility.


Reason #4 to Foster

Your heart will be filled with laughter and love.


Reason #5 to Foster

More lives will be saved because of your kindness.  

July 11

Things That Make Us Go “Awwwwww”

(This week is pretty self-explanatory.)

Dandy’s tiny tongue! Awwwwwww

July 12

Bacon and Toast’s brotherly bond. Awwwwwww

July 13

This little one waving bye-bye. Awwwwww

July 14

This pair ready to take on the world together. Awwwwww


Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

What is the strangest place you’ve ever found your cat? (On top of the fridge? In the sink? Inside a box three sizes too small?) Cats end up in some unusual places, and our foster kittens are no exception.

Preserved for Freshness


Why hello. I’ve been expecting you.


I iz ur hat.


Gwen: “Oooh rare African hand-woven bowls. These are definitely collector’s items.”

Gerald: “Let’s sleep in them!”

August 1

Week of Memes

There’s a reason cats took over the internet: they’re hilarious! Our kittens are so funny that we think they should go viral.

Thank you for your cooperation.

August 2

Feel the calm. (It will end around 3 a.m.)

August 3

Kitten Wonka is so interested in what you have to say.

August 22


When I Grow Up, I Want To Be…

Our kittens may only be a few months old, but they have big plans for the future.

A Hipster. (That’s a job, right?)

August 23

A Home & Lifestyle Expert

“Hello, I’m Meowtha Stewart and today, I’ll be teaching you Pinterest-worthy gift wrapping. First, put the ribbon into your mouth…”

August 24

A Food Critic

August 25

A biochemist? A mechanical engineer? A titan of industry? Who knows!