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This page is dedicated to fans of puppies, kittens, and their moms! We feature a fostered dog litter or cat litter and watch them grow up through funny animal pictures and stories. Scroll down to view our latest litter on ‘Follow the Litter.’ Cute pics of moms and babies updated three times a week! You can also ‘Follow the Litter’ on our Twitter page.

Adoption Update: Athena and all three kittens have all found forever homes!

Stay tuned for a new Follow the Litter very soon!

Spring has sprung and so has kitten season! Meet our newest feline mama, Athena. Athena is approximately one-year-old and has a gorgeous “tortoiseshell” coat with a happy-go-lucky personality to match. She was found north of Los Angeles and was transferred from there by a partner rescue organization.

Athena is being cared for by a foster family volunteer. Athena’s foster mom says she has a great attitude!

Athena felt SO comfortable with her foster family that only one day had passed when she went into labor, giving birth to three beautiful kittens who all look very different from one another! In fact, Athena trusted her new foster mother so much, Athena actually snuck next to her foster mom to give birth while she was sleeping. We think her new foster mother made her feel very loved and protected.

A snapshot of the little newborn cuties. One is a grey tabby, one is orange with white markings and the third is black with white markings.

Mom and babies did great through the labor! The kittens don’t do very much, just a lot of snuggling and sleeping.

Here are the babies all lined up! Athena’s foster mom says they look like “little furry jelly beans!”

Athena is a very proud mother, but also very trusting and affectionate. She does a great job caring for her family...

...even when her kittens get a little overzealous with cuddling!!! Next week, we’ll reveal the kittens names!

Athena and her babies have had a quiet and peaceful first week of life together. There are two males and one female and they love nothing more than to eat and sleep with mom.

And sleep together, too!

Time to reveal the names of Athena’s babies! All the kittens have “A” names - to match Athena. The first is Aladdin. He is a grey tabby with striped markings.

Apollo is an orange tabby and he has white markings on his face and body.

The last sister is Anna and she has a black fur coat with white markings on her face. Beautiful names for beautiful kittens!

Athena often rests with her babies. But she gets to take breaks to eat, stretch her legs and get some petting time in, too.

Time for bed! Goodnight little girls!

With all this hot weather, Athena has found a favorite perch to keep her cool. Her foster mom places the kittens in their box below the tub and Athena just loves to lay on top of the tub where she can keep cool on the tile AND watch her babies. Smart kitty!

The babies are officially two-and-a-half weeks old! Happy Birthday, kittens. Hey, wait, did you hear us, kittens? Oh well, guess we’ll let them sleep.

All the kittens have now opened their eyes! Apollo, the orange tabby, just loves to lay on his back.

Ahhh, time for a little kitten yoga...

Happy Three Week Birthday, kittens! Eyes are open and the siblings are starting to play with each other. They’re even starting to lick their paws!

Athena reclining in her kitten’s box. It seems she has gone shopping for a stylish new hat!

Anna is trying to escape! The babies are almost old enough to begin exploring. (SPOILER ALERT: maybe next week!)

The best time is together time.

An escape plan is being hatched! Aladdin, Apollo and Anna are ready to flee the kitten-coop!

The trio’s foster mom cut a hole in the side of their comfy box so the kittens could begin exploring.

Apollo came out first, ready to go! Anna came out second and Apollo hedged his bets and let the other two go before him. Can’t be too careful, you know.

Now that the kittens are older, Athena has been taking a little more “me time” for herself. Apollo feels it’s his job to supervise Mom while she relaxes away from the kids.

Now all three supervise! “mom? mom. mom! Mom! MOM! MOOOOOOOOOOOM!” (sound familiar?)

Ahhh, reunited and it feels so good.

As Aladdin, Apollo and Anna grow, they depend on one another for socialization and learning. They also depend on one another for super comfortable nap spaces.

“Hey. Apollo, get your face off my tummy!”

Uh oh, Apollo goes dust bunny exploring.

Anna watches her brother break the rules!

It’s been a week of new things: more exploring and now eating solid food!

Anna trying out kitten toys for the first time, too!

The kittens are exploring - and that means it’s time for kitten wrestling!

It’s time for Athena to wean her kittens and take a little “R&R” before returning to the Center to find a forever family. You should see her on the Cat Adoption page soon - she has been a great mom, but now her next adventure (finding a forever family) will soon begin!

Meanwhile, the kittens have been wrestling it up! They are learning to socialize and play with one another, which will help them later in life.

So many things to explore, so little time. It seems Aladdin enjoys shopping...

...Aladdin also enjoys shoes!

“What do you mean, ‘Not a bed?’”

Well, the kittens are exploring now. They have found their foster family’s house to be a virtual playground!

Oh my gosh a box!

Oh my gosh a bed!

Oh my gosh a dishwasher!

Oh my gosh a thing!

Oh my gosh a chair! (Hey, is that a crumb...?)

Oh my gosh a couch!

Oh my gosh I’m tired...

Adoption Update: Athena and all three kittens have all found forever homes!

Stay tuned for a new Follow the Litter very soon!