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Follow the Litter - Cute Puppies & Cute Kittens

This page is dedicated to fans of puppies, kittens, and their moms! We feature a fostered dog litter or cat litter and watch them grow up through funny animal pictures and stories. Scroll down to view our latest litter on ‘Follow the Litter.’ Cute pics of moms and babies updated three times a week! You can also ‘Follow the Litter’ on our Twitter page.

Meet Helen Woodward Animal Center’s newest mommy-to-be! She is a tiny Terrier blend with a very unique brindle coat that wafts about her as she walks and runs.

This was the first photo we saw of Lauren. A rescue group alerted Center staff that a pregnant dog was in need of medical care and a foster home.

We put the call out to our foster network and a gracious family stepped forward and made room for Lauren and her soon-to-be family! Lauren was transported to the Center on Monday, January 27 and has been enjoying her foster home ever since.

Her foster family says, “Lauren is settling in very nicely. Honestly, I have never met a sweeter dog! She wags her tail constantly and is full of kisses. She seems so happy to be rescued and part of a family. She is going to be an excellent momma, I am sure!”

Lauren has a comfy new bed all to herself!

Lauren has a yard where she can sniff and wander to her heart’s content.

And best of all, Lauren has a never-ending supply of love to bask in! Her favorite activity? Warming the laps of her foster family. Awww!

Lauren is settling in nicely at her new foster home. She loves her new bed! (She has a great “please give me a treat” face, too!)

Lauren even has a new foster-friend: the resident pup! (There’s that adorable treat-face again!!!)

Lauren’s babies still haven’t arrived yet. All Lauren and her foster family can do now is simply wait…

...and rest, too. With such a big belly, sometimes it’s hard to get comfortable!

Lauren, your puppies will come soon! Hang in there, girl.

Luckily, her foster family is there for her and she finds great comfort snuggling in their laps and lavishing under their affection!

Phew! Waiting is so hard! Lauren’s tummy is so big, all she can really do is waddle slowly and rest before her babies arrive. This was the last photo taken of her pregnant because…

…Lauren gave birth shortly thereafter! In all, Lauren had SEVEN babies – wow! No wonder she was resting so much before her big day.

Here’s a couple close-ups on the babies! They are all quite different looking!

Each puppy was weighed at birth. We keep close tabs on each puppy’s weight in a log book to make sure they’re eating and growing properly.

Lauren’s foster family says she is a great little mama. Her birth went very smoothly and everyone is resting comfortably.

In all, there are five boys and two girls. Next week, we’ll tell you what the puppies’ names are!

Oooh, close-ups of the babies! Each one seems to be very unique. The puppies each have an “L” name, like Lauren! Their names are: Lavendar, Lilac, Liam, Lucas, Larry, Logan and Louie. We’ll let the other close-ups speak for themselves…

One little paw, how precious!

Mama paw and baby paw…

Lauren is a great mama…

..and a great dog, overall! She will be a great companion for a family someday!

It’s that time on Follow the Litter to meet each little puppy individually! At over just two-weeks-old, each puppy now weigh over one pound. With one exception who you will meet today. 
This is Larry. Larry is one of the biggest puppies of the litter!

Lavender looks very similar to her other sister, Lilac. They are the two girls of the bunch.

Liam is probably the most vocal of the puppies. His foster mother says he has a beautiful “palomino” coat.

The other sister, Lilac. Lilac was first to open her eyes and is often found sleeping on her back. Lilac and her sister, Lavender, are often found sleeping together.

Logan competes with his brother, Larry, as “biggest puppy!”

Little Louie has a beautiful and smooth beige coat with a little blaze of white down his face.

Last but not least is “Little Lucas.” Lucas is the runt of the litter and never misses an opportunity to eat. What he lacks in size he makes up in personality and energy.

The puppies are slowly starting to learn to walk. It’s hard to see from these pictures, but they are more and more active every day.

Some adorable close-ups! There’s little Lilac sleeping on her back.

Sweet dreams, puppies!

Lauren’s puppies nursing contentedly…

Watch out! Puppies are now on the move! They have slowly started to wobble around and are exploring what life is like beyond their bed. (With supervision, of course)

“I think I can!”

“Hi Mom!”

Even though they’re starting to explore, the puppies’ favorite activity is still eating…

…and sleeping snuggled in close to one another is a very close second!

While exploring is high on the “puppy priority list,” sleeping and snuggling is still important.

Angelic little faces!

Another new first for the puppies – REAL food! The crowd gathers around to give food a try.

It’s a messy (but delicious) first try!

Oh dear, they are really getting into the new food! Like REALLY GETTING INTO IT!

“Plate’s clean! (kinda) Where’s more food, momma?”

When they’re not stomping and frolicking in puppy-gruel, the puppies have started to explore the great outdoors. Or, at least, the backyard. This is Lucas taking a gander at grass.

Lucas… ever the intrepid explorer. “Hey, you’re not my mom?!!”

Hail, fellow adventurers! Time to explore the vast wilderness known as “the backyard!” Liam The Intrepid tries his paws on stones and grass!

Lucas, we think you’re a little small for tennis balls still. Someday you’ll fetch them!

Logan takes some time out from his exploration to rest in the shade.

Lucas poses for a group shot, but everyone seems to be interested in something else! Vogue, Lucas – VOGUE!

And what comes after a hard day’s work of exploration? Why, a well-deserved nap, of course.

And a bath for Miss Momma Lauren! Lauren has officially weaned her puppies and is spending a couple weeks of “R&R” with another foster family.

Well, this week is the last week of Lauren’s Lovely Litter. It’s been fun watching these little rascals grow up! It’s time for everyone to find their forever families now that they’re old enough. The puppies have been enjoying last snuggles with their foster family!

Those gorgeous eyes!

We will announce, on this page, when the Follow the Litter family is available. Or you can watch our Dog Adoption page, too!

So what’s Lauren been up to? After Lauren weaned her pups, she went to another foster family for a little R&R! She had a great time meeting and playing with her new friends. “This couch is not for humans!”

Awww, a Lauren selfie! Lauren will also be available very soon. We will announce when she is, or you can check the Dog Adoption page, too. 

Some of Lauren's puppies have been adopted! Check the Dog Adoption page to see who may be still looking for a forever family!