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Follow the Litter - Cute Puppies & Cute Kittens

This page is dedicated to fans of puppies, kittens, and their moms! We feature a fostered dog litter or cat litter and watch them grow up through funny animal pictures and stories. Scroll down to view our latest litter on ‘Follow the Litter.’ Cute pics of moms and babies updated three times a week! You can also ‘Follow the Litter’ on our Twitter page.

Meet Allie, our new Follow the Litter Momma! Allie was turned into an animal shelter because her owners didn’t want her anymore. Allie was brought to the Center via a rescue partner who took her out of the over-burdened animal shelter. She would need extra-special care because she was very pregnant! Allie is staying with a wonderful foster family who will make sure she has every need and wish fulfilled as she gives birth and cares for her puppies.

Allie is sweet, affectionate and, as you can see from her photos, loves snuggling!

Hooray! The babies are here! Allie gave birth to seven puppies. Wow, that’s a lot of little ones! The girls hold the sway - since there are four girls and three boys in Allie’s litter.

We have another litter of cow puppies! All of Allie’s puppies range from pure white, to pure black fur, and many spotted designs in between!

A cute snapshot of one of the girls. She has a pirate eyepatch over one eye, how cute!

Allie is a great mom. She took to caring for her babies right away. Here’s the first full-family photo - more to come next week!

The puppies are starting to grow, but sleeping and eating are still top priorities. The puppies range from all white to all black fur.

One of these is not like the other! Can you spot the puppy who is different? (We’ll give you a moment)




Look at the puppy in the middle, he eats upside down! That is Alejandro and he has a little heart-shaped mark on his tummy. His foster mom says he likes to eat that way!

The puppies are starting to develop some more marks on their noses and paws. Can you spot the freckles?

Sweet little close up!

Some puppies are starting to grow into their spots. This little one’s nose is starting to show more signs of cute freckles!

Their eyes are just starting to open, too, but they still look half asleep when they’re awake!

Zzzz… sleeping is still what they do most.

First photos outside! And a smooch!

Group photo. Or group nap. You decide.

What do seven puppies look like when they wake up? If you play the video you’ll find out!

The puppies are really growing up now. Here’s all seven of them in a collage! We’ll reveal who’s who tomorrow.

This is Ajax! He’s a boy and is distinguished by a white blaze down his face.

Meet Ace. He looks a lot like his brother, Ajax, but has a cute spot on the left hand of his mouth.

This is Amber, she’s mostly white and is the little cuddle bunny of the bunch.

This is Aloha, she is small but is the toughest of the group!

Anda is the only puppy who has wavy fur. She is white with some black spots. Especially around her left eye.

This is Anda’s left side - she almost looks like she’s wearing mascara!

This is Asia, she’s a girl and also mostly white.

Last but not least is Alejandro. He’s nearly all black and is the biggest sibling!

The puppies have started to eat real food! Uh, something tells us they LOVE it.

Another first for the pups: backyard adventures! “Hey, whatcha doing up there?”

Remember this box? They all fit into it a few weeks ago. Now one can barely fit!

Little Alejandro models the newest craze in puppy weighing!

Look how big everyone is getting! While the puppies still enjoy eating and sleeping - life is all about FUN AND ADVENTURE! This is Amber surveying her foster’s yard.

Look how picturesque Anda is! She poses like a little princess!

Aloha exploring the yard.

And Frosty exploring, too!

Love this action sequence of Ajax playing with THE BEST NEW TOY EVER!

Asia (left) and Ace (right) posing for a pretty shot with their new favorite toys.

Great news! The puppies are now available for adoption today, Thursday, December 11. We imagine these little munchkins will all be adopted before the holidays. After watching this slideshow of Ace, Asia and Ajax playing, how can you resist?!

If you are interested in adopting a Follow The Litter puppy, please visit our Dog Adoption page and look for these photos - each puppy got a new holiday-themed named, so look for the graphic that says they are a Follow The Litter puppy.








Allie and her seven puppies have all found forever families - just in time for the holidays! Thank you for following this lovely little family and we’ll have another rescued family to share with you soon. "Meowy Howl-i-days!"