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Follow the Litter - Cute Puppies & Cute Kittens

This page is dedicated to fans of puppies, kittens, and their moms! We feature a fostered dog litter or cat litter and watch them grow up through funny animal pictures and stories. Scroll down to view our latest litter on ‘Follow the Litter.’ Cute pics of moms and babies updated three times a week! You can also ‘Follow the Litter’ on our Twitter page.

Hello and welcome to another adorable installment of Follow The Litter! We’d love for you to meet our Follow The Litter mama, JJ. JJ came to the Center in early January in the late stages of her pregnancy. After a medical exam, she was jet-setting off to a foster family who will take of her and her babies until they are all ready for adoption.

JJ’s foster mom says, “JJ is such a sweetheart and has the amazing capability of communicating with her huge blue eyes. She is the perfect mix of being watchful, yet trusting of her humans.”

How many babies do you think JJ will have?

Well, that was fast! JJ spent only a couple days in her foster home before she gave birth. JJ’s foster mom says it was a marathon of a labor for this trusting, sweet girl. Her labor took about five hours and she gave birth to five kittens of various colors! JJ rallied after her labor and carefully nursed all her kittens - she’s already a dedicated mother.

A shot with her babies. Look at the cute little orange tabby one up top!

Another snuggly moment with the new family. JJ’s foster mom says she responded to every squeak of her newborns.

Oooh, a close-up of a newborn baby on the morning after! The foster family weighed each kitten after they were born.

JJ didn’t want to leave her box of adorable babies, so JJ’s foster mom accommodated her and placed her food and water where she could reach them without leaving her comfy box. Great job, mama, you have a beautiful family!

All five babies sleeping in a pile! Did someone order a snuggly bouquet of kittens?

A family photo of mom and her darlings. All kittens have reached the five ounce mark, and some eyes are starting to open. From JJ’s foster mom, “Mamma JJ is starting to become much more interested in roaming than in curling up with her babies. She has made it quite clear that she believes her quarters are too small for the princess she is. She is very thin and too beautiful and regal to capture in a photo. What a love!”