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Follow the Litter - Cute Puppies & Cute Kittens

This page is dedicated to fans of puppies, kittens, and their moms! We feature a fostered dog litter or cat litter and watch them grow up through funny animal pictures and stories. Scroll down to view our latest litter on ‘Follow the Litter.’ Cute pics of moms and babies updated three times a week! You can also ‘Follow the Litter’ on our Twitter page.

Hello and welcome to another adorable installment of Follow The Litter! We’d love for you to meet our Follow The Litter mama, JJ. JJ came to the Center in early January in the late stages of her pregnancy. After a medical exam, she was jet-setting off to a foster family who will take of her and her babies until they are all ready for adoption.

JJ’s foster mom says, “JJ is such a sweetheart and has the amazing capability of communicating with her huge blue eyes. She is the perfect mix of being watchful, yet trusting of her humans.”

How many babies do you think JJ will have?

Well, that was fast! JJ spent only a couple days in her foster home before she gave birth. JJ’s foster mom says it was a marathon of a labor for this trusting, sweet girl. Her labor took about five hours and she gave birth to five kittens of various colors! JJ rallied after her labor and carefully nursed all her kittens - she’s already a dedicated mother.

A shot with her babies. Look at the cute little orange tabby one up top!

Another snuggly moment with the new family. JJ’s foster mom says she responded to every squeak of her newborns.

Oooh, a close-up of a newborn baby on the morning after! The foster family weighed each kitten after they were born.

JJ didn’t want to leave her box of adorable babies, so JJ’s foster mom accommodated her and placed her food and water where she could reach them without leaving her comfy box. Great job, mama, you have a beautiful family!

All five babies sleeping in a pile! Did someone order a snuggly bouquet of kittens?

A family photo of mom and her darlings. All kittens have reached the five ounce mark, and some eyes are starting to open. From JJ’s foster mom, “Mamma JJ is starting to become much more interested in roaming than in curling up with her babies. She has made it quite clear that she believes her quarters are too small for the princess she is. She is very thin and too beautiful and regal to capture in a photo. What a love!”

Uh oh, traffic jam at dinner! Seems like some kittens fell asleep mid-meal!

This week you’ll see close-ups of all the kids. They’re growing up so fast already!

Jammy’s gender is still unknown until the kittens get a little older. Jammy and Jelly are near identical!

Jammy weighed in at 8.9 ounces now. And Jammy’s eyes are fully open!

Jazzy is definitely a girl kitty due to her calico fur.

She’s the petite girl of the bunch and just weighed in at 8.1 ounces.


Jelly is probably a girl kitty. (It’s still hard to tell genders.) Jelly’s eyes are also now fully open.

Jelly weighs 8.4 ounces and JJ just had to get in her photo to help Jelly pose.

Jiminy is probably a boy kitty and he is just starting to open his wee little eyes!

He weighed in at 8.8 ounces and his foster family marked his left ear to tell him apart from Jelly and Jammy.

Jinger is mostly orange and probably a boy kitty.

He weighed in at 8.7 ounces and his foster family calls him “the vocalist” because he sings the loudest!

The weighing and photoshoot is done! Everyone cuddled back in the box for a good long nap with Mama JJ.

The kittens recently visited Helen Woodward Animal Center for their 4-week checkup! The staff was totally smitten with them!

The babies were weighed, examined and received their microchips. But the most exciting part? The genders of the three white kittens were finally revealed!

Jiminy Cricket! Jiminy is a boy, as predicted.

It’s a girl! The staff confirmed Jelly’s gender.

Wiggle worm Jinger couldn’t stop checking out the new sights and sounds in the exam room. Their foster mom says he is known as the explorer at home.

Adorable Jazzy is just like mom JJ in more ways than one. Their foster said Jazzy once tried to sneak a bite of mom’s yummy wet food, but JJ quickly put a stop to it.

It’s another girl! Jammy puts on a brave face during her checkup.

Beautiful mom JJ watches over babies, who all received a clean bill of health.

So what’s next for our kittens? Their foster mom says litterbox training! Stay tuned.

On Feb. 24, the “J” babies returned to Helen Woodward Animal Center for their 6-week appointment. They received their first vaccines, routine flea treatments and much-needed nail trims.

The siblings are definitely becoming more curious. Calico dilute Jazzy was eager to get out of her carrier.

Jazzy bravely sniffed around the scale...

...but the nail trim was not what she bargained for!

Orange tabby Jinger posed as a kitten ball before it was his turn.

Next up was Jammy. She has enormous blue eyes, just like her mom.

Here’s Jelly! Doesn’t she have the sweetest face?

The three white kittens appear to be Flame Points! That means their ears, tail and face will gradually become darker as they get older. You can see the slight orange tint on Jiminy.

This week, the kittens were weaned from mom JJ. They started eating wet food and even some kibble, according to their foster mom. She says the silly kittens crack her up every day!

In two weeks, the kitties will be altered. Then, they’ll be available for adoption! Check back for more information.

The J babies enjoyed one final drink from mom. (You can start to see the white kittens' Flame Point markings!)

"Get these kittens off me!" -JJ

Calico dilute Jazzy and orange tabby Jinger practice their WWE moves, while the white Flame Points - Jammy, Jelly and Jiminy - nurse. (Those three are ALWAYS together!)

Five bowls for five kittens. Their foster mom says lunchtime is the happiest time of the day!

A big meal is sure to make a little kitty sleepy. Jammy was so tired, she fell asleep leaning against this book bag!

Slumber party! (Can you spot all five kittens?)

So sweet. (See how the white Flame Point kittens always stick together?)

Big yawn! Jelly is first to awaken.

Ok, we're all up! (And ready to get into trouble...)

Jazzy looking for an adventure.

Busted! Jammy caught smooshing Jinger.

Jammy considers climbing Mt. Human (aka her foster mom.)

Jammy going for it!

"Who me?" Jiminy tries to look innocent after pouncing on his sister.

Mom JJ lounges while her mini-me Jazzy plays.

Jelly is queen of the castle.

Keep visiting this page to stay up-to-date on this adorable family. Adoption information coming soon!

This photo was taken when the babies returned from a car ride to the vet. It didn’t take long before they turned their carrier into a jungle gym!

The Three Amigos (Jammy, Jelly and Jiminy) are always together! (And are they forming a kitten vortex?)

Jelly is Yin to Jammy’s Yang.

The kittens have a new favorite spot in their foster home: The vent in front of the wine fridge! Their foster mom says it’s the warmest place in the whole house.

Kittens, no wine for you! You’re definitely underage!

The J kittens' alteration surgeries have been scheduled, and they will be available for adoption soon! Revisit this page and follow @FollowtheLitter on Twitter for upcoming details.

March 12, 2015: Sweet Follow the Litter mama, JJ, is available for adoption! Check her out on the Cat Adoption Page.

As for the kittens, they’re still in foster care. They must weigh 2 pounds before they can have surgery. (But as you can see from the scale, Jammy is almost there!)

Jinger prepares to morph into a meerkat in 3...2...1.

Transformation complete. Jinger the Meerkat

“Srsly?” Jazzy is less than impressed with the early a.m. photo session. (Two of the Flame Points just keep sleeping away.)

“Welp, if I’m awake, I might as well smile for my close-up. Am I not totally adorable?”

Week 10 Update: Our Follow the Litter mom JJ has been adopted! A family fell in love with the exquisite calico Siamese just one day after she arrived at the Center. Enjoy your new home, JJ!

Seven weeks ago, the J babies could barely open their eyes. Now, they can’t wait to see and explore everything. Let’s take a look at how they’ve grown.

The kittens’ foster mom says this is now what a wild Friday night at her house looks like!

The kitties plot revenge on the feather toy.

A kitten bun warming on the wine fridge vent after one intense play session.

The kittens still need to gain a teensy bit of weight before they can have their surgeries. Then, they will be available for adoption. Keep checking back for updates.

Follow The Litter kittens are now ready to find forever homes! Go to our Cat Adoption page to see them!