Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Hurricane Sandy Pets

On November 17, 2012, almost 50 orphaned dogs and cats were flown across the country to Helen Woodward Animal Center, in Rancho Santa Fe. The East Coast shelter pets had been waiting for forever homes when the savage hurricane hit and left their facilities uninhabitable. With remaining East Coast shelters reaching full-capacity and unable to provide resources for all of the homeless pets in need, Helen Woodward Animal Center relied on the assistance of Southwest Airlines, BP fuel and the veterinarians and technicians at SeaWorld to chaperone the pets across the country and bring them to their new home at the Center.

These homeless pets received months of housing, medical care, love and training and thanks to loving families across California, each found a forever home.

There are no more Hurricane Sandy pets available for adoption, but you can still experience their story! We hope you enjoy their photos, video and updates below.

Watch the Hurricane Sandy Pets Land at San Diego International Airport

Photos of their Landing and Transport

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