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animal welfare workshops at Helen Woodward Animal Center

ACES Conference Is Now The Business of Saving Lives Conference

Increase adoptions and lower euthanasia for your animal welfare organization – don’t miss Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Animal Welfare Conference on The Business of Saving Lives!

Free The Business of Saving Lives Workshops in 2014

Feedback from participants attending the Center’s 2013 animal welfare conference, formerly called “ACES International Conference,” was that the timing would be better to hold the conference earlier in the year, rather than in September. To accommodate participant requests, The Business of Saving Lives (formerly ACES) is expected to return in February, 2015. In the meantime, the Center is proud to announce that it will be offering two, free workshops during 2014, held at Helen Woodward Animal Center, located in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Join members of Helen Woodward Animal Center’s management team for one of the FREE, three-day workshops, where tried-and-true techniques are provided to help attendees improve: fundraising skills, adoption rates, education concepts, volunteer management, public relations, marketing efforts, and more!

To learn more about The Business of Saving Lives workshop dates, and how to register, please click here!

History of The Business of Saving Lives Conference

Animal lovers, animal welfare workers, and humanitarians from around the world have made the ‘pilgrimage’ to Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, to attend the Center’s free, three-day The Business of Saving Lives workshops since 2001.

"We began offering workshops as a way of sharing the success that we’ve experienced here," says Helen Woodward Animal Center President, Mike Arms. "Believe it or not, there are still animal care facilities right here in the United States that are euthanizing orphaned pets every day of the week, including holidays, simply because they have no space, or because the animals have ‘run out of time’. Through our teaching how to run their organizations using a business principled approach, we're helping them to put an end to that."

The workshops teach participants more effective ways to find families for orphaned pets. This is one of the main reasons why animal shelter workers from the United States, Argentina, Canada, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Ireland, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Romania, Singapore, Russia and New Zealand, and many others, have traveled to Helen Woodward Animal Center. 

In 2007, members of the Center’s team traveled to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to present The Business of Saving Lives conference to 250 animal welfare leaders from western Canada.

Whether a shelter director, manager, board member, volunteer or care provider – each have attended and found valuable information to use back at their organizations. Within weeks after returning to their home shelters, these graduates report amazing results!  They place more pets in lifelong homes, generate funds to carry on their programs, and expand their reach in their communities.

Please note that donations made to Helen Woodward Animal Center are not used to fund these workshops.  Mike Arms points out that, “Donations to the Center are used to serve people and animals here in our local area. As we expand our knowledge we share it with other animal shelters and pet rescue organizations to help save more lives."

An International Animal Welfare Conference is Born

In September 2012 and 2013, the Center expanded to an off-site international conference, where experts in the animal welfare community from around the country were invited to present on various topics in their field.  Based on feedback from those participants, a preferred time of year for the international conference would be earlier in the calendar year.  Due to the short planning window between now and February, Helen Woodward Animal Center will not offer The Business of Saving Lives international conference in 2014.  However, we expect the international conference will return in February, 2015.

Free animal welfare workshops for 2014. Learn more about The Business of Saving Lives workshops dates, and how to register, please click here!