Celebrity Endorsements

Helen Woodward Animal Center is proud to have the endorsement of many celebrities and influential people that believe in the mission of our Center. Here are a few examples of our cherished supporters.

Diane Keaton“I just can’t say, ‘No’ to Mike Arms!”

      Academy award winning actress Diane Keaton.  

“The Humane Award is the highest honor we bestow from Helen Woodward Animal Center,” says HWAC President. “To be named the recipient of this award, someone must have made truly outstanding efforts on behalf of animals. Our friend Diane Keaton is that kind of person.” 

A lifelong animal lover, actress Diane Keaton became involved with Helen Woodward Animal Center in 2001 when she agreed to serve as Celebrity Spokesperson for the third annual “Home 4 the Holidays” pet adoption campaign.  

Diane’s involvement began with a tour of the Center. Unlike some celebrities, Diane Keaton does not just “tie her name” to a cause. She visited the Center in order to meet the staff, and examine how the animals were cared for. At the end of the tour Mike asked Diane if she would serve as celebrity spokesperson for Home 4 the Holidays. Diane’s response was, “Of course!” 

Since then Diane Keaton has appeared in the annual Helen Woodward Animal Center Telethon, and when Mike asked her to become a member of our Board of or Directors she repeated, “I just can’t say ‘No’ to Mike Arms.”  

In 2005, in honor of her efforts to find lifelong families for orphaned pets around the world, Diane received Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Humane Award. In accepting the award she said, “When I first got involved in Home 4 the Holidays in 2001, we had a simple and sincere focus — to save the lives of dogs and cats. It’s remarkable and rewarding to realize this is now the most successful pet adoption drive in history, but our focus remains the same and there is plenty of work remaining.” 

“It’s impossible to count the number of lives that Diane has saved by encouraging families to adopt their new pets from animal shelters,” says Renee Resko, HWAC Director of Development. “Her friendship with Helen Woodward Animal Center and her support of Home 4 the Holidays are having a major impact on families and animals around the world.”  


Actress Kristen Bell, was honored on Saturday, August 22 during Helen Woodward Animal Centers Benefactor Breakfast and Helen Woodward Society reception. Our Humane Award is presented to a person who has made extraordinary efforts to help animals. Kristen Bell continues to be an advocate for animal welfare. She lives her life in a way that benefits animals. Congratulations Kristen!